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buying a home in a nudist camp

Buying a Home in a Nudist Colony

Nudist resorts: Gateways to nudist homes

When you see someone naked, you usually look away because it is a natural instinct of a normal person to feel uncomfortable upon realizing the other person’s state of undress. However, nudists can now avoid feeling ostracized by people around them by purchasing a house in a nudist community.

When they choose to live in a nudist or clothing-optional community, everyone definitely understands their convictions and be assured that other people would never look away even when they are wearing nothing but their birthday suits.

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Where Are They?

The mecca of nudists can be found in the Pasco County in Florida. Fact is that nudists from around the world flock to Pasco County’s five nudist resorts which lure more than 100,000 tourists per year. Around these nudist resorts, nudist communities have sprouted to appease the increasing demand of nudists to settle and stay permanently in the place where they feel they belong.

Here are the nudist resorts in Pasco County where you can also find nudist communities nearby:

1. Paradise Lakes Resort – Nestled north of Tampa Florida is where you can find the famed and most visited nudist resort in North America – the Paradise Lakes Resort. It also offers real estate to visitors who would want to have their own space inside the fine resort grounds.

2. Caliente Resort – As the most luxurious nudist resort in Pasco County, Caliente Resort never fails to amaze nudist visitors because it has a world-class appeal. This resort also offers casitas and villas that people can call their own.

3. Lake Como Resort – Prides itself as the oldest nudist resort that was established in 1947, Lake Como Resort has its unique charm that nudist finds exciting. It is the most affordable nudist resort and it even offers the use of all its facilities at $99. It also emphasizes its being family oriented and its unmatched natural surroundings that is free of the concrete jungle feel emanated by condos that surround other resorts.

Finding the Right Home

clothing optional
clothing optional

By all means, you can check out the available properties inside these resorts by going to their websites. If you want to be assured that you can comfortably experience the nudist life and all its perks permanently, the real estate properties inside the nudist resorts are highly recommended.

If you want cheaper rates, there are also nearby communities that now cater to nudists around these famous resorts. There is, indeed, nothing greater than to feel at ease living the life you want to want to live – clothed or not.

If the nudist lifestyle is the thing you’ve wanted to explore, you should try communicating with real estate agents who can offer you professional advice when buying or selling prime properties near these famed nudist resorts.

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