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Hire a Realtor

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Realtor

Although homebuyers used to rely on Realtors to guide them through the process of buying a home, it is easier now to search for homes online. Is it still worth hiring a Realtor?

While you are not legally required to hire a professional real estate agent to help you buy a house, there are many reasons to do so.

We’ve listed the top reasons you should hire a Realtor as a First-Time Homebuyer. Also, we have provided the tools and resources to help you choose the right Realtor.

benefits of hiring a realtor

What are the main benefits of using a realtor?

A Realtor’s job is to find you the perfect home, with minimal hassle. Your Realtor will help you navigate the entire process, whether it’s looking through a large number of properties for sale or negotiating great terms with the seller.

Here are six benefits of working with a professional in real estate:

1. Find Hidden Property Listings

Although you can search the internet for homes for sale, more than half (53%) of American homeowners experienced difficulty finding the right property after they started the process.

This is why a realtor can help with the steps to selling a house. They have access to resources and a list that includes homes that are not yet on the market. They can quickly find the right homes for you through everything from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), to “off-market” listings.

Pro tip: Look for a Realtor who specializes in first-time homebuyers. This will ensure that your needs are met right from the start.

2. We will educate you about the home buying process

According to NAR, Realtors have helped homebuyers (30-year-olds and younger) understand the buying process better.

To fully understand the home-buying process, realtors need to undergo extensive training. They may also be trained in specific areas to provide personalized assistance.

Here are some examples of the training they could receive:

A professional can help you navigate each step, from the best mortgage to how to buy a home without bad credit. You can filter by credentials and location to find trusted Realtors in your area.

3. Source Lawyer-Approved contracts

There is one thing you can expect in the home-buying process: tons of paperwork. From getting preapproved for mortgages to closing on a house, You will need a lawyer to review the contracts and help you understand them if you buy a house without a realtor.

Homebuyers often hire a Realtor to help them avoid legal issues and be knowledgeable about real estate laws. This is something that you should be concerned about. A Realtor who can review and handle all legally binding agreements is a good choice.

Red Flags on a Property

4. Red Flags on a Property

It’s easy to overlook red flags that should be addressed immediately if you don’t have any experience in home inspections or plumbing.

A Realtor’s primary task is to find homes that meet the criteria of a first-time buyer. They know what to look for in homes they are showing. A Realtor can quickly identify issues such as leaks, roof problems, mold, or insect issues and can raise these issues during negotiations to lower the cost of the home.

5. Superior negotiation skills

Negotiations are a part of the home buying process. With the right Realtor, you can negotiate a better deal for your dream home. There are a few things you can negotiate down: closing costs, home warranty premiums, and repair costs.

A Realtor with RENE certifications can negotiate for you to lower the cost of purchasing a home. They may also be able to fight for additional incentives such as keeping recent appliances or covering closing costs.

6. Refer Trusted Professionals

There will be many professionals that you need to help you purchase your first home. You will most likely need to get help from:

  1. Lender of mortgages
  2. Real estate attorney
  3. An insurance company that covers title
  4. Appraiser
  5. Agent for insurance
  6. Title and Escrow Specialists
  7. Home inspector
  8. Pest Inspection Company

You have two options: you can spend time looking for potential contractors, or you can work with a realtor who has reliable and trustworthy people to refer you to. You’ll save time searching online for people who can help you immediately the more referrals you have.

hiring a realtor

Is it worth hiring a realtor?

Many first-time homebuyers believe that it was worthwhile to hire a Realtor for help during the home-buying process. According to the NAR, 9 out of 10 homeowners who purchased a home in 2021 through an agent would recommend their agent to other homebuyers.

You can still start your search online but hiring a Realtor to help you find potential homes to view will ensure that you spend less time looking and more time planning for the big move.

Why you should hire a realtor explained

It’s an exciting moment to achieve. Having the right team can help you reduce the stress and time involved in buying your first home. You can request referrals from your local Realtors, search on Facebook or use the, Find a Realtor tool.

Learn more about home buying. Our growing library of resources for first-time homebuyers contains educational content to answer all your questions about buying a house and other topics.

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