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how to sell your home

Thinking of Going FSBO?

Selling a Home Without Representation

Selling a house without representation can be a challenging task especially if the real estate market is moving at a slow pace. Because of this, most sellers decide to get an agent to find a buyer who can pay a reasonable price for their homes.

You should be aware though, it is possible for you to conduct a Sale by Owner or FSBO to do away with the agent fees.

Here are some tips on how you can conduct a FSBO:

Determine the price of your home – one of the most important steps you need to take is to know the fair market value of your property. You need to do your research and trust your intuition about when the sell your home and what price you should sell it at.

Prepare your home for sale – to make your home look attractive to any potential buyer, you would need to do some repairs and examine your home in a seller point of view. You need to spend some money to make your home as beautiful as possible so that buyers will be lured to pay a higher price for it.

Market your home effectively – the money you save from not hiring an agent should be put into good use. It is essential for you to advertise your home to as many buyers as possible. Some methods you can use include direct mail, e-flyers, and print advertising. Remember to take a photograph of your home so that buyers would know what to expect.


As you can see, selling a home without representation is not a complex task but it would require extensive patience and perseverance on your part for this endeavor to be successful.

Overall though, FSBO would be worth it because you can get a higher net profit from your home and enjoy the experience of handling the sale process yourself.

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