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If you are looking to buy a home in Northern Virginia  you have to try this new software program …

Home Buyer’s Consultant
it’s free

Make all your plans and get a firm idea of what you can or can’t do right from your PC at home. Take a look at what it does:

Pre-qualify yourself for a mortgage
Find out how much you can borrow
Calculate your payments

What could refinancing save you?
How much has your home appreciated?
How to start the home buying process
A moving to do list
Getting your home ready to sell
10 steps to home ownership
Long term savings on a mortgage

It’s hot…easy to use…helpful…time-saving and FREE

Use it to plan your entire buying, financing and moving process

It will take up less than 1000 KB on your hard drive, and it’s available in a self-extracting file that does all the installation work. Did I say it was FREE?

You will find even more uses than listed above.

Give it a try

And tell your friends about it.

To receive your free copy click the email icon and in the subject box simply type Home Buyer’s Consultant and then send the email.