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Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Area

Welcome to Northern Virginia, Gateway To The Nation’s Capital! Just across the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Northern Virginia, including Arlington, Alexandria and the eastern portion of Fairfax County, once comprised the original District west of Potomac as laid out by George Washington.

Northern Virginia lies closest to the monuments, museums and other attractions at the core of the Washington, DC which is only minutes away by metro or car across one of several crossing points under and across the Potomac.

Many of the Capital area’s most famous attractions are found in Northern Virginia. These attractions span the time from the colonial period to the emergence of America as the preeminent national power in the twentieth century.

Today, spawned by this post war preeminence and growth of the US as a world power, technology given birth by military and other governmental research has created what has become a thriving national center developing new mediums for communicating and leading the nation into the 21st century.

This growth has transformed a rolling tree covered rural farming area into a region that is home to over one and a half million people who live and work in Northern Virginia and the metro area while maintaining links with its historic past. Come to Northern Virginia “Gateway to the Nations Capital” to see all the Capital area has to offer.

Places to Eat

Northern Virginia offers over 1,500 restaurants from fast food to fine dining. The area, particularly Arlington and Alexandria offer many ethnic restaurants indicative of the multi-culturalism found in the Washington, DC – Northern Virginia area.

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Places to Go

Monuments, museums, historic spots and other attractions in Northern Virginia.

Monuments, Parks, and Historic Sites
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Hospitals in Northern Virginia

Getting Around

By car, Northern Virginia and the Capital Region are easily accessible from the I-95 corridor which dissects the area. I-95 becomes I-495 (The Capital Beltway) and encircles Washington, DC and the inner suburbs of Virginia and Maryland, providing easy access to Washington and suburban attractions.

From I-95 (northbound) approaching from south of Washington, DC, I-395 runs from the Capital Beltway into downtown Washington, DC through the portions of Fairfax County, Alexandria and Arlington. Also from the west I-66, runs from the intersection of I-81 in the northwestern area of Virginia near Front Royal, through the Virginia suburbs (Arlington and Fairfax counties) to across the Potomac River terminating near the Lincoln Memorial on Constitution Avenue in downtown Washington, DC.

Access to the area is also provided by US Routes 50 and 29 from the east and west and US Route 1 form north to south. It is highly recommended that visitors avoid these roads during rush hours during the week.