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feng shui - the basics

Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the New Year


Here’s a brief background on the Origins of Feng Shui

In feng shui the word new is one which refers to the fresh and the clean, pure spirit and energy of something. In addition, the aim the New Year is that it be kept as fresh as possible. It is also an essential thing that the energy is kept fresh.

The best way to do that is to re arrange and re position, the furniture that is present within your home and an ideal time to do that would be the New Year. This does not have to be a very big nor a very large-scale type of moving and re positioning is does not even have to be a very high scale investment.

Keep it Fresh

However, the essential thing is that the things are kept moving and fresh all the same. It has been the wise advice of very old feng shui masters that for the purpose f an individual inviting a specific amount of change into their lives it is an essential thing that they move about such objects and pieces or furniture that they haven’t about the house in a long period of time.

Move Furniture Often

Objects and pieces of furniture that haven’t been moved about for over a year tend to hold harbor and keep stagnant the energy flow as they may be blocking the free flow of energy. This actually is moving around the pieces of furniture and other objects help enliven the space and allow free flow of energy thus unblocking any unblocked areas.

The concept behind good feng shui and bad feng shui is ideally that you as a person allow all the things around you to be free and be exactly the way they want to be. This way we will be able to utilize the vibrant power or the healing power of the Universal Energy called the Chi.

Colors are Important

One important factor that is related to feng shui is that of color combination and schemes. Color is considered to be light and therefore also a very strong expression of human emotion. The nature of colors can be cool, angry; aggressive in fact they can also be depressing or up lifting.

The universal factor that remains here is that no matter what human emotion one is feeling we are fully capable of expressing it by the use of colors and it is also known that color combinations are a way of expressing ones personality and also the individuals nature.

It would there fore be a good idea to use such colors in a room or the entire house that are free and welcoming. In addition, to position the furniture around the house in such a way that the flow relating to feng shui energy be really good and free so as the keep it well regulated.

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