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Off Beat Upgrades

Off Beat Upgrades

Off Beat Upgrades To Consider Before Selling

Everyone is in awe of houses like the ones they see on cable home-TV shows. Homeowners wishing to sell a home want buyers to snap theirs up. Upgrades are sometimes necessary, but homeowners don’t always know which upgrades will give them their biggest return on investment, also known as “bang for your buck”!  While certain upgrades can be expensive, there are other ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.


Homeowners go online for upgrade ideas. They see ideas for the new kitchens, bathrooms, closet storage ideas, and outdoor rooms. We don’t want to go over the tired old same-old, same-old, though. The objective is to inexpensively upgrade certain aspects of the home in ways that are sure to impress, but not just the ones always getting the front page press coverage.


The Driveway

The first thing buyers see when they pull into your driveway is the driveway itself. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. That’s why “curb appeal” is so important. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than grass clippings and trash blown off the side of the road into your driveway.


Cracks, fissures, and holes in the pavement their car could disappear into do not make a good impression. Hiring a paving contractor will only cost upwards of ten dollars per square foot for resurfacing. If this isn’t in the budget and the drive isn’t so bad, power washing it will remove any stains or weathering.


Home Energy Efficiency

Buyers of real estate want to know they’re not buying a money pit. Fifty percent of a home’s energy efficiency is in the HVAC system. Before putting the house up for sale, have an HVAC company come in and test the system for energy efficiency. Have them check the ducts, especially. More energy escapes through holes or disconnections in the ducts.


If worse comes to worst, have the whole system replaced from the unit to the ducts. This will be a hefty charge, but you’ll get your money back in savings in the power bill. It can also be built into the selling price.



Too many homes only have adequate lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms. Most people who buy a home use lamps or install ceiling fans with lights. Ambient, task lighting and focus lighting helps sell a home. Installing ambient lighting in the form of flush ceiling lights, chandeliers, track lighting, and sconces isn’t too expensive and easy for an electrician to install.


Concentrate on lighting in the entry and hallways. A buyer entering a brightly lit home will have a favorable impression of the house. Installing sconces in the hallways will ensure the buyer’s children will be able to see to go to the bathroom in the night. Bedrooms in modern home communities tend to not have lighting at all, depending upon lamps for illumination. These would be good places to install ceiling fans with lights.



This is a subject not touched upon by many articles on home upgrades. Have you ever seen a house with enough electrical outlets?  Some upgrades can be totally worth it.  Today’s outlets even include USB ports. Adding electrical outlets and switches, some perhaps with dimmers, will give buyers a happy double-take.


The Roof As An Upgrade

Not many modern homes need a new roof. However, those owning older real estate should eyeball the roof after ten to twelve years. Buyers need to see that the homeowner has been on top of repairs all these years. It isn’t something you’ll see those cable TV shows raving about, but it is important to the house’s energy efficiency and water integrity. Here’s why.


  1. If your house has a fireplace, then warm air in winter and cool air in summer is hightailing it out the chimney. The flue closes, but it isn’t airtight. Have your roofer install a chimney cap. It also keeps critters out of your chimney.


  1. Eave flashing is necessary if homeowners’ roofs have been damaged by an ice dam. The material seals itself around fasteners and forms a watertight barrier over the eaves. Skylights and gables also benefit from watertight eave flashing.


  1. The attic of a home endures pure blistering heat in summer. The rooms directly beneath the attic suffer by extension. Roof vents called ridge vents direct the hot air out of the attic while the eave vents pull cooler air into it. Gable vents might also be necessary to cut down on the hot air entering the home.


  1. Did you know that today’s shingles are energy efficient? They reflect the light and the heat back into the air. They come in varied colors and even wood tones.


  1. As long as you’re on the roof, why not scrap the old gutters and put in new ones? Today’s gutters are virtually maintenance-free, with water falling down the cover while the cover deflects leaves. No more ladders and cleaning out the gutters!


To learn more about affordable upgrades before selling your home, consider talking to your local trusted Realtor.  Realtors frequently deal with home upgrades and repairs, and can not only guide you in the best direction for your home, but also to direct you to known reputable contractors and workers that can get the job done, ultimately saving you time and money.  

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