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selling your home online

Publishing Your Home Online

Homes on the Internet

Most home buyers start their search for available homes for sale over the internet. In fact, statistics show that about eight out of ten people conduct research over the internet to check out the real estate inventory on an area they are interested in. However, because it is almost impossible to predict the websites that serious buyers would look into, real estate listings should be listed everywhere.

Provide As Much Info as Possible

Ideally, all relevant information about your property should be listed on the description. This is because having all the proper description available will save a lot of time and effort on the part of the buyer and even the seller.

In line with this, here are some of the relevant information you should always remember to include:

  • Physical address of the property
  • Sale price
  • Number of available bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Other rooms such as family den, entertainment room, etc.
  • Year of construction
  • Style of the home
  • Number of floors
  • Square footage/meters
  • Lot size
  • Name of subdivision
  • Type of flooring used
  • Type of garage
  • Special features like a pool or a fireplace
  • Upgrades
  • Contact information

The FAB Method of Selling a Home

In selling, you should also remember the formula to success. That is, you need to state the description, its features, and any possible benefit. For example, if you want to stress the fact that your home has a fenced yard, state the benefits of this feature; say that a fenced yard would give the buyer more privacy or that they would have space to include a pool on the property.


Knowing how to sell a house offline is also the key to success to selling a house successfully online. So take note of these requirements and remember that buyers would be more interested in a property if they are confronted by eager and energetic sellers.

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