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Roof and Gutter Maintenance For Your Home

Maintenance for Your Roof and Gutter

Apart from the correct roof maintenance as an investment to prolong the lifespan of your roofing, you should not miss the importance of having a clean gutter. When you have a dirt-free gutter is an important element of the structure of your house. You need to have gutter maintenance all year round otherwise you will end up with a busted house. Having roof gutter maintenance can help you save a lot from the cost of replacement or repair of other parts of your home. The foundation, sides and basements are usually being affected first when you have a clogged or broken gutters brought about by water and debris pile up.


What happens when you have a clog or broken gutters? If there are too much trash blocking the gutters, water will flow over the sides of the house and can cause damage to it. Unfortunately, it can also lead to more costly possible water damage even to your house. Congested and teeming gutters can result to rotten sidings, roof leakage, foundation leaching, basement water overflow and increase probability of pest damage and mold growth.

Don’t forget that if your gutters are made up of metal, it can lead to rust due to water and debris build up or possible crack if it is plastic. Sometimes, you will find roof grain particle or slush build up. When the organic matter is not dead, it sprouts and grows into living plants. So the gutter debris are not limited to tree dirt, fallen pine needles, twigs, seedpods and leaves but to living weeds and plants as well.

Double Check

How often should you inspect and clean your gutter system? You should do it regularly during end of autumn and in the spring. Make it also a habit to have it inspected after every rain or snow. You can also inspect your attic for any roof leak. It is therefore necessary for you to invest in owning the basic tools and materials if you want to make it a do- it-yourself chore. Get a sturdy ladder, hard hat helmet, heavy-duty gloves, power washer, wooden rod, garbage bags, etc. Have an assistant when you do it and perform the inspection and cleaning when your roof is dry. Make safety your priority principle.

Look for a Qualified Professional

If you want the task to be done professionally, then contact a roofing and gutter contractor for an annual maintenance contract. Look for a company with unblemished track record and satisfactory client testimonials. It is also advisable to purchase a gutter screen or guard. One such product which got a high testing grade from Consumer Reports is Gutter glove. It has the highest score of every gutter protection system tested whether gutter cover, gutter screen, gutter guard or gutter insert.

When it comes to effectiveness, it has absolutely nothing but water and micro particulate which enter the gutter. Its micro mesh screens have been proven to be the strongest and durable aluminum frame. Gutter glove also accepts more rain water without spillover and has the most minimal debris builds up from a sloped angle. For comparison and review, you should also look at other similar products in the market. So, include a proper roof gutter maintenance program in your yearly budget and you won’t regret this decision!

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