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feng shui for real estate

Using Feng Shui in Real Estate

Home interiors and Feng Shui have a deep connection. While this ancient Chinese art (and science) of placement is applied to create harmony in a home, correct use of Feng Shui principles are also responsible for ushering in prosperity in your life. For more than 4,000 years, Feng Shui masters have been working to balance the relationship between nature and dwellings.

feng shuiWhether you are choosing land for optimum survival, or wishing to invest in real estate, Feng Shui can help you make the right choice. Feng Shui, which literally means, ’wind and water’, constitutes a splendid natural equilibrium of two opposite forces like the yin yang.

When you apply a Feng Shui cure in your home, you are trying to adjust the opposite forces to create a more balance flow of energy or ‘chi’. Plus, your property is bound to look better when it is emanates positive energy, is clutter free, and is clean.

Think about it. You are bound to love your home and feel excited as a proud owner of a home that is every neighbor’s envy!

According to the Feng Shui masters, where you live and how you arrange and distribute the various elements (there are five elements) of your home or workplace, considerably affect the balance of you and your family’s health, wealth, and happiness.

Here are Top 5 Feng Shui principles for your property:

  • When buying land, avoid the plot if a straight road leads directly to it. The human traffic will dissipate the good influences.
  • Feng Shui considers T-streets or end of cul-de-sacs inauspicious. Try to avoid these when constructing your home.
  • Ensure that your front entrance does not face the stairway that leads upstairs
  • Don’t buy a triangular plot; this will attract bad energy or Sha
  • Water is an important element in Feng Shui. You must ensure proper placement of water tanks etc.

So you think Feng Shu is a superstition. It doesn’t really matter, because there are numerous people who have benefited from Feng Shui when applied to their homes …so why not you?

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